Peppermint Essential Oil

Well I’m pretty sure little man is teething! Who knew we would hit this stage so quickly?! 3.5 months seems way too early to me, but I know it’s happening because the poor baby has been fussy and clingy for several days now. Along with our normal bath/peace and calming routine, we’ve been diffusing lavender, and last night, had to add peppermint into the mix. Little man was burning up with a teething fever. After his bath, we heavily diluted peppermint essential oil and applied it along his spine. Within a few minutes he was cooled down and comfortable enough to sleep. We are so thankful for our essential oils!

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Vita Flex Technique for Applying Essential Oils

Applying Essential Oils to the bottoms of the feet is a fabulous way to encourage healing in the body. First off, the feet have nice thick skin which minimizes sensitively issues. Because skin on the soles is thicker than in many other parts of the body it might be surprising that some of the largest pores on the body are on the soles of the feet. Because of these large pores, the oil goes into the blood stream and into the cells very quickly which promotes a faster healing time.

Many years ago, Young Living’s founder, Gary Young did intensive study and training in Vita Flex Technique.

Gary Young writes: 
“Vita Flex Technique means “vitality through the reflexes.” With Vita Flex, the oils are applied on the contact points of the body. The healing energy is released through the electrical impulses by the contact between the fingertips and the reflex points. This stimulates an electrical charge that follows the pathways of the nervous system to where there is a break in the electrical circuit which will be directly related to an energy block caused by toxins, damaged tissues, or loss of oxygen. This reflex system of controls encompasses the entire body and mind, releasing all kinds of tension, congestion and imbalances. This technique was believed to have originated in Tibet many thousands of years ago, long before acupuncture was ever discovered. With Vita Flex, the weakened or injured areas are corrected on the electrical reflex points, thus preventing further injury and resulting in less stress, which allows for quicker and more efficient healing. 


To use the Vita Flex Technique, always place the oils in the palm of your hand and use the dominant hand to stir the oils clockwise three times before applying them on location. The same thing applies for those who practice reflexology, acupressure, spinal touch, zone therapy, etc. All types of different therapies will result in a significant improvement when combined with the oxygen and high electrical frequency of the oils. 

When using the Vita Flex Technique with essential oils, it is best to start on the bottom of the feet. The foot charts that I have created may seem a little different from the standard reflexology charts. I found that while testing the electrical currents with the frequency monitor that the contact points were a little different than those shown on standard foot charts. The Vita Flex charts are based on electrical frequency tracing, which is more accurate.” 

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Which Essential Oil Should I Order?

I get this question quite often. Often people would like to know if I was just going to choose JUST ONE oil which would it be. I can’t answer that question… There isn’t ONE magic oil; there isn’t one oil that does everything. So my answer to that question is another question, “What are you trying to accomplish with your oil?” Once that question is answered, I can direct them to one or two oils or a blend that will help resolve that issue. If you are thinking about joining the Essential Oil world and want to have a good foundation, I recommend ordering the Premium Starter Kit. You can learn more about it here.

By ordering the Premium Starter Kit, you have a solid starting point with oils. The Premium Starter Kit includes the following oils, here’s a little guide on how just 9 oils can cure most common ailments.

What about YOU? What is your go-to oil?



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