Essential Rewards

Essential Rewards - Earthy Crunchy Mama v1
So you’ve been using your kit for a few weeks now and are IN LOVE with your oils and ready to place your second order! Soon you will be like me and use Young Living from everything from your fruit to your kids to your toilet (YUP!), so a program where you can use your wholesale membership discount of 24% off retail price, get a discounted flat rate on shipping, AND earn points back toward free oils is a no brainer. Let me introduce you to:

Essential Rewards

What I LOVE about ER is that it’s Young Living’s optional autoship program solely for wholesale members where I get “CASH BACK” on my month order.  Each month, you select a minimum of 50 pv of product, select a date and have it automatically shipped to your home at a discounted flat rate. I know the word “autoship” freaks you out, trust me, it did me too. But I love the way Young Living has set this up because it’s not at all like a traditional autoship program. Young Living lets you change your order each month so you can get all of your favorite products and try new ones, and it doesn’t have to be the same day each month. You can change up until 24 hours before your scheduled date. I did this last month because I was waiting for a few people to get back with me on whether they wanted to add an oil on to my order. By being on ER, you also get a discounted rate on shipping and priority over regular orders when products are about to go out of stock.

  • What percentage do I earn back toward free oils?

    • For the first 6 months, you earn 10 % back, for your second 6 months, you earn 15% back and after a year on ER, you earn an exciting 20% back on your purchases!
  • What is the catch?

    • Thankfully, there is no catch.  You can cancel at any time (be sure to use your points before you do or you will lose them) and you even get a grace month each calendar year if you need to take a month off. So don’t worry about your December budget!
  • How do I sign up?

    •  When you log in to your virtual office, you can select the Essential Rewards tab and opt into the program.
  • How do I redeem the points I have earned?

    • So easy!  Either call Member Services or log on to Live Chat.  They will ask for your member number and your pin.  Tell them you want to redeem Essential Rewards points, give them your list and they will verify your address, tell you the shipping amount and you are good to go!
  • How long do I have to be on Essential Rewards before I can redeem my points for oils?
    • You must be on ER for 3 months before you can redeem your points. 
  • Can I redeem my points for anything?
    • You can redeem your points for anything that has the same PV and dollar amount. For instance, Deep Relief is 21.75 pv and also $21.75 – it is eligible!  But roller balls are $9.75 and 0 pv, so they are ineligible for this program.

I don’t want you to miss out on this awesome way to earn free oils and discounted shipping on your orders, so make sure you sign up before you place that second order. As always, please feel free to contact me with any questions!

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