Essential Oils for Kids


Young Living just introduced a new oil collection specially formulated for common childhood ailments. Each blend is diluted with coconut oil so you can apply straight from the bottle without added dilution on your little one.  Please remember, as with any other type of medication, you should always help your child apply the oils and never leave them in the reach of a toddler or baby that might accidentally ingest the oils.  Please keep our babies safe and treat these oils with respect and care!

This kit includes six, mild essential oil blends, formulated just for children:


GeneYus™ for focus, concentration and attention disorders.
Owie™ for use on minor bumps, bruises, scrapes and cuts.
Bite Buster™ for relief from itchy insect bites.
TummyGize™ to relieve upset tummies.
SniffleEase™ to help ease the coughs, cold and congestion that comes with getting the sniffles.
SleepyIze™ to help fall asleep and stay asleep all night long.

A trusted parent or caregiver should apply oils topically or diffuse.  Read all package instructions before use.

The six pack of oils come in a convenient zip-top carrying case. It also includes two roller ball filaments so you can turn your bottles into an easy hands-free roll-on applicator.

Ready to order?

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