Essential Oils

I absolutely love Essential Oils! I use them everyday in many ways; from boosting our immune systems to diffusing different oils to create a peaceful aroma in our home.

I hope you enjoy learning more about essential oils!

Allergies and Nut Oils

Are Young Living’s Essential Oils Organic?

Basics of Essential Oils

Comedogenic Ratings


Essential Oils and Cats

Essential Oils and Dogs

Fever Reducer

How to use Essential Oils

No Expiration Date on Young Living’s Essential Oils

Not all Oils are Created Equal

Oils and Drugs

Perfect Scents – A Guide to New Aromas

Vita Flex Technique for Applying Essential Oils

Which oil should I order?

Young Living vs Whole Foods

Individual Oils and Their Healing Properties

Lavender – The EO for EVERYTHING

Lemon – A Gentle Cleanser

Peace and Calming – Release Tension

Peppermint – Fever Reducer

Thieves – Immune Support

Valor – Snoring Eliminator and Confidence Booster

Ordering Essential Oils

Become a Young Living Member

Essential Rewards

Visual Guide to Ordering

Detailed Step by Step Instructions


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