Natural Living, Real Food, and Gentle Parenting

Welcome! This is a community for you fellow granolas who are into real food, healthy living, and conscious parenting. If you’ve ever struggled with cloth diapering or fretted over eating an apple that wasn’t organic, this site is for you. And if you’ve ever been teased by your friends and laughed at yourself for being a little crunchier than most, you’ll fit right in!


maternity95(3)-2890About Me: My journey to natural living started while I was in college. I got ill from college food – big surprise there, right?! – and a friend recommended a naturopathic doctor for treatment. I instantly fell in love with the idea of food as medicine and treating the root problem, not just the symptoms. Since then, I have transformed my home into a chemical free environment, my diet into organic whole foods, and my healthcare into essential oils and homeopathic remedies.

I live in the beautiful city of Greenville, South Carolina with my amazing husband, adorable baby Graeson Asher, and huge German Shepherd, Forrest.

I’m excited to see how this site continues to unfold and grow. Bless you on your journey and please reach out to me with ideas, suggestions, and other reflections.

What about YOU? When did you start your journey to natural living?

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