DIY Throat Lozenges with Essential Oils

diy throat lozenges

My sweet friend Julia made these amazing throat lozenges when her family had the sniffles and she was so kind to share a few with me. Once I tried them, I was HOOKED! These sweet lozenges taste amazing with all the added benefits of local honey  and powerful immune supporting essential oils.


2 cups of raw organic sugar

1 cup of local, raw honey

1/2 cup of filtered water

1/4 Tbs of grass fed butter (I chose Kerrygold)

15 to 20 drops of Young Living Thieves

7 to 10 drops of Young Living Lemon

5 drops of Young Living Ginger


Add the sugar, honey, water and butter to a sauce pan.

Set the heat to medium and bring the ingredients to a boil until 300 degrees. (Reaching 300 degrees usually takes about 20 minutes.. you can use a candy thermometer or the crackle test.  To do the crackle test place ice cold water in a glass and about 18 minutes in drop a few drops of the mixture into the glass… if it immediately crackles it is ready to remove from heat.)

Stir the ingredients continually while heating.

Once 300 degrees is reached, remove from heat and continue stirring. Add essential oils after mixture has cooled as much as possible without setting, if it firms up too much then heat again. The point is that you wait as long as possible to add the Essential oils so they retain their health benefits. Pour the mixture into candy molds, silicone ice cube trays, or drop onto a bed of powdered sugar and let harden. ENJOY!

Hints:  Once you have added some of the drops drop some in cold water to check the flavor.  This will help you determine if you want more or less oil. Silicone ice cube trays allow you to pop out the lozenges easily. If you do not want to add Ginger, although I highly recommend it,  to the recipe simply increase the Thieves by 5 drops and the Lemon by 3 drops.


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