Valor – Snoring Eliminator and Confidence Booster

Valor is my new favorite oil! Seriously, I am loving it. My first experience with valor was waking my hubs up from a deep SNORING sleep at 1:00am and making him put a few drops on his big toe. He stopped snoring and we both went back to sleep. I thought, there is NO WAY that just happened!! Obviously it was a fluke. So I tested my theory several times that week until finally the poor hubby got tired of me waking him up for “testing purposes” and started putting in on before bed. He hasn’t snored once since he started using valor. Recently, I’ve been taking valor to work with me to combat anxiety. The Christmas tree / flower aroma instantly calms my mind and brings me to a place of balance.  I love that valor is such a versatile oil, and that it helps physical ailments as well as emotional. I even cured a pregnant coworker’s aching lower back with valor today! It’s definitely a must have in this house! VALOR v1.1 What about YOU? What’s your favorite way to use valor? Ready to Order?

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