Allergies and Nut Oils

allergies and nuts

Just as with ANY product out there on the market, if you have a serious medical allergy to nuts or any ingredient in Young Living Products, you should ALWAYS consult Young Living DIRECTLY to determine SPECIFIC and up-to-date ingredients and also consult your medical doctor before using the products.  I am not qualified to offer advice on the safety of using these products if you have a known medical sensitivity.


Due to the distillation process, proteins (what usually causes an allergic reaction) are generally absent from the essential oil minimizing the chance of allergic reactions. It is important to remember however that individual sensitivities do vary and even with the proteins absent people could still experience a sensitivity to the essential oil.


The following essential oils contain coconut oil,


Breathe Again™ roll-on

Deep Relief™ roll-on

RutaVaLa™ roll-on

Stress Away™ roll-on

Tranquil™ roll-on


Valor roll-on

YL Oola Grow™

The two nut oils that Young Living® uses, would be almond and kiwi.

The following products contain Almond Oil:

3 Wise Men™



Cel-Lite Massage Oil™

Cinnamint Lip Balm™

Dragon Time™ Massage Oil

Genesis™ Hand and Body Lotion

Grapefruit Lip Balm


Into the Future™

KidScents® Lotion

KidScents® Tender Tush

Lavender Lip Balm

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