Why Young Living over Whole Foods?

yl vs wf-


The oils from Young Living are 100% pure. Nothing added. Nothing taken away. They are not laced with synthetics that are harmful and dangerous, and they are not lab replicated. They are harvested directly from the plant. This gives peace of mind that even a 100% organic label from another company can’t give me. Additionally, Young Living is the ONLY essential oil company in the world that owns their own farms to grow their crop. Every other company buys their product at some point. Young Living tests and maintains pure, organic, therapeutic grade from the time the seed is put into the ground to the time it’s sealed into the bottle.

Therapeutic grade oils are almost never sold in retails stores. They might be organic, but they distill it in a way that is cheaper and faster (hence the cheaper price tag) which kills the compounds that make up the molecules; meaning that the healing properties are gone.  So, don’t expect healing properties from them. When oils are distilled at low temp, low pressure, the healing properties are preserved, but it takes a lot of time and a lot more money to do it that way.

FDA Says Only 5% of Ingredient = ‘pure’
In her book Their Leaves for Healing: The Divine Gift of Plants That Heal, Elizabeth Flores writes that

Only 90% of what is sold in the United States as ‘pure’ essential oil is fragrance-grade and diluted. (The FDA has determined that a product need contain only 5% of the ingredient on the label in order to use the word pure.) These oils are found on the shelves of many health food stores and at online discount houses. They may be less expensive, but they will not be useful for healing.

YoungLiving oils are safe to apply, diffuse AND ingest… because they are 100% organic. If you see “do not ingest” on the bottle, run in the other direction because you’re basically buying it for the smell only.

Young Living essential oils are:

•    100% pure
•    Sourced only from known botanical species
•    Sustainably grown and harvested
•    Grown on chemical-free lands in carefully nourished soil (organic)
•    Unmatched throughout the essential oils industry
•    So pure and natural, they’re used and recommended by integrative health professionals around the world

For More information:  http://essentialsurvival.org/adulterated-essential-oils/


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